Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Provisions of the UAE and Australia visa application bill are in multitude

In all countries, the immigration bill is made every year. This is to ensure the migrating people should follow the conditions of the local country. However, many people are interested in migrating by visa for Australia, Gulf, European countries for job, retirement, and for the business. You can find more details on the official website of different countries and their terms for the issue of VISA.
The provisions of the UAE visa application bill are in multitude. We’ll take an aerial view of those provisions:
  • Border security: this will be the primary focus of the house immigration bill. The UAE has a history of border region security issues. The bill is expected to solve this.
  • Immigrant visas: This provision is divided in two parts: one for the immigrants with RPI status and the other for agricultural workers. Those in RPI status can work under any UAE employer and are free to travel across the UAE. And for the agricultural workers, a “blue card” has been introduced granting them more advantages.
  • Interior enforcement: protection of the workers of the United States, check on human trafficking etc.
  • Reforms to non-immigrant visa programs: visas for employment, entrepreneurial startups and technologies.
The slow and steady plan enables the UAE visa application government to spend less money, and the success of the plan could be seen in the vision every year. However, the president of the UAE is very strong in the border security and importance to the local UAE employment, the slow piecemeal process only could make the UAE to establish without any setback. The opposition party also agreed to all the above amendments of the country to have the strong economic background and with the strong secured America. Further, the local people would be posted in the present overseas workers place; this enables the employment opportunities after some years. The long term planning only can keep the country to go in the stable path. The house immigration bill has received quite a solemn criticism.
The whole is in a state what can be called as “general discussion”. Although the bill is not Utopian, it does reflect, at the end of the day, the coalition of interests behind reform. The bill, as far as immigrants are concerned, is based on merit system. Those who contribute to the economy will be given a higher position in the preference list. For example, a sibling (foreigner) of pre-residing immigrant will be in fourth preference set for visa for Australia.

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